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August 15, 2009


Hi Jennifer,
first, thanks for adding comments, in this post you asked a question, and I was thinking, "how can I answer, she doesn't allow comments!"

second, I want chickens, and now you've given me the bug, really really. thanks for posting about the lens, I had forgotten it.

and amen those yucky comments, I've gotten a death threat this week. lovely.

ps. can't wait to see you guys this month, and sorry I don't have anything too positive to add...

Wow, that is an awesome looking mutli-purpose space! We are getting chickens for the first time, this summer. Our friends are looking after 9 hens for us while I scurry to finish the hoop coop I am building based on a neighbour's design. Should have it done by this weekend. *fingers crossed*

Oops. No links allowed it looks like! There were links to a photo of my creation and my neighbour's design. No worries :)

Hi Jennifer,

This is your friend Andrew Rhodes from down in San Diego. I've been getting updates from your blog for a few months, but never thought to comment until now. And look, you just re-enabled comments! Awesome.

Backyard-chicken-keeping is coming on strong in SD. When are you visiting California?

Thanks Heather, Rick and Andrew. Great to hear from you all here!

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